Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Know a Coach

I'm planning to add a new segment to the blog called "Know a Coach." There are so many fantastic coaches out there, working with some of the world's best athletes, but only a few big names ever really become household names. And even most of those are only within gymnastics households.

I am going to start with the currently working and relevant coaches, researching them as thoroughly as possible, and posting one blog per week with a new coach to "know." I decided to start with today's coaches because those are the names we're hearing the most right now, and for my own interest and that of my readers, I think it makes sense to familiarize ourselves with them first. Later, I'd like to dive into some of the coaches of yore, from the ones who are long gone to the ones who have retired but their relevance remains.

I'd like to get the first piece of the segment up by this weekend. Check back or follow me on Blogger or Twitter for updates.

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