Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's cover this pot

Well, the time is nigh...or something.

It's time to roll our eyes at the commentators...

It's time for Senior Nationals, bitches.

You've no doubt heard about the absolute CLUSTER that was Day One of the Junior WAG competition. Jordyn Wieber was, thankfully, not severely injured in her numerous uncharacteristic falls (including a beam dismount gone awry where, from what I gather, she smacked her head on the beam? Is that right?) Anyway, there was some fear that the blood that was being cleaned from the beam was hers, but it was not, in fact, as confirmed by her. I heard it was fro ma minor cut on someone's toe.

Anyway, there were a LOT of falls today, but little Kyla Ross did what she does and is comfortably in the lead for now. There have been several athletes who have dropped form the AA tonight, but none due to serious injury. I think we're seeing a lot of precautionary measures taken, an occurrence which I am certain has Marta's girdle all in a twist.

Coverage on Universal Sports
begins in two minutes with the pre-show. Tune in and follow along on this blog, being sure to refresh every once in awhile, as I spew my drivel all over the place.

6:30: It's Nastia and Roethlisberger to commentate. This will do, I suppose. I don't love JR as a commentator, but whatevs.

Nastia loves Brossy. Also, she is wearing an epicly unflattering drapy purple top. Love her--hate this look.

Oh, look--commercial. The guy who does movie promo voiceovers is making everything being advertised seem badass and necessary. How do you score a sweet gig like that? I want to assume a crazy deep voice and talk about how cool shit is!

Is it so wrong that I think of "London 2012" as a gymnastics event rather than a full-out athletic competition? I forget that there is more to the Olys than gym. I do not apologize for this.

6:38: Nastia is chatting with Tasha and Elise, asking badly rehearsed questions. Everyone on these bright orange couches is adorable. That shirt gives Nastia man shoulders.

The sound guy is on thin ice--these mics are in and out all over the place.

Elise is so diplomatic and well-spoken.

I'm getting bored. I need some Jaegers and standing Arabians. Stat.


6:45: We're talking now to Jon Horton and Chris Brooks. They do MAG. I don't get it. I'm gonna need them to go ahead and take their shirts off.

JR is going to cut the video people who didn't slap up Steve Legendre's vault fast enough. He is going to cut them hard.

Steve Legendre took Nastia to her senior Prom? I didn't know that! WTF?

Sweet--awkward bantering. And Nastia got to say "When we come back, we have Most Decorated American Gymnast, Shannon Miller." Awkward...

Commercial. Movie promo guy.

6:53: Shannon!

Shannon says she would not wanting to be competing right now because shit got HARD.

WTF do you mean, "Enough about gymnastics," John Roethlisberger? Back off--we don't get much during the year. Do not take this from me!

Here come the gymnasts!

I'm moving to another post for competition coverage. Follow that HERE.

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