Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watching Worlds today!

So I am skipping both of my classes today so that I can watch Worlds live. I paid my $9.99 to Universal Sports like the good little sucker that I am. I made arrangements with my group mates in my poetry writing class to exchange our work via email. I have tested my log-in at Universal Sports to make sure it works when the time comes. All I need is to brew up some coffee and grab some snacks, and I'm ready to go. An hour and a half early.

So who is it going to be? The Russians come into the team final as the favorite, having qualified first, just ahead of China and the US, respectively. The difference between first and third was less than nine tenths of a point. That's nine hit handstands, nine pointed feet, nine stuck landings. That's getting down to hitting all the little details at all the right times.

I have not yet seen many of the qualifying videos, but I heard the Russians have been overscored. I'm not going to whine about it if it's true--fact is, they're really good, so overscored or not, they are legitimate gold medal contenders. And it's not like overscoring is a new thing--it happens all the time. I think the US has an outside shot at the gold, but like I said--they are going to have to be PERFECT. No timid steps on landings. No wobbling on full turns. No crazy legs in mid air during their vaults. They literally have to hit everything. Even if the Russians have a single major error, like a fall, they could still take it if they hit everywhere else and the US and China don't bring their top games.

I'm really excited. Of course, I am Team USA through and through, and I want our girls to win. But I want them to win because they truly kicked ass. I don't want the Russians or the Chinese to fall--I like watching them too much.

Let's go, USA! And let's see some beautiful gymnastics, EVERYONE!

Join me as I offer quick hits about skills I don't know the names of, whose hair is bad and whose is slightly less bad, and all the moronic and creepy things the commentators say! I'm back here at 11 a.m.

And if you do want to watch live, it's not too late. Go HERE and fork over ten bucks to watch. The actual price is $14.99, but you can use the code "USAGYMFAN" and get five dollars off.

See you at 11:00!

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  1. Sweet! I can't watch as I'm at work and we can't stream anything. I'll be glued to your updates! (and twitter, and facebook, and...)