Friday, March 4, 2011

Live viewing of the Supergirl Cup

So I'm very tired (hey, I'm making a person here!) and I don't feel like doing my usual lame-ass quick hits, but I might do a few if something tickles my fancy. In case you missed my last blog post and you want to watch the live coverage on Universal Sports, click HERE.

And refresh this page once in awhile. I might decide to amuse you with my charm and with. Or something.

Damn it. I need a snack. The actual meet coverage hasn't yet begun, but I know if I get up, it'll start and I'll miss something cool. Like lame-o commentating.

*sigh*  BRB.

 DAMN IT. I knew I'd miss lame-o commentating.

Tim said it's a big deal for these girls to have seen World Champion Aliya Mustafina on the floor. Wonder if they're as excited about World Champion Kayla Williams?

Are we getting scores here?


  1. Well, are you enjoying the meet?

  2. I did enjoy it. I ended up in chat with some friends, resulting in the lamest blog post ever. lol