Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gymnasts do weird things to airline equipment

*stares blankly*

WTF is this? I read the article and I'm still not sure.


  1. "The projects are quasi-Surrealist interventions that are meant to propel us into questioning official narratives. These absurd and paradoxical gestures beg us to consider the relationships among art, war, nationalism, and athletic competition."

    Looks like they got the "absurd" part down!

  2. This is one of those things that believes itself to be important and and cutting-edge than it actually is. I am in no way inspired to travel any differently, especially since I doubt they'd let ME do gymnastics on their airplane seats. ;)

  3. Not really about doing gymnastics in airplane seats, but using symbols of nationality--in this case American nationalism--to call attention to the absurdity of official discourses particularly paradoxical ideologies like those that underline the Iraq war and the Olympics for instance. Using the airplane seat, the athletes in their USA uniforms, and the war tanks bring to light some of the questions of fear, terrorism, world collaboration, etc.

  4. HOW did I miss that? I've been a fool. I see now how some of their body positions mirror the images of 9/11 and the USS Cole. ;)