Monday, July 20, 2009

A little game

EDIT - It's going to be Tasha Schwikert and John Roethlisberger (I was in love with him in the mid nineties) calling the competition, not the Terrible Trio. I saw this a few days ago, but I forgot, so - OOPS. We will, however, be sure to mock the endlessly during Nationals next month.

So for those of you who intend to watch the US Classic (excuse me - the "CoverGirl Classic") on Saturday night, either on tv or streamed online, I'm taking guesses on how many times the following things will happen:

Tim Daggett will laugh maniacally

Tim Daggett will make a comment about a playground while watching a bars set

Al Trautwig will say something ridiculous and helplessly out of place.

Al Trautwig will over-dramatize something he actually does not know about, and Elfi will correct him in her Bitch Voice

Elfi will use her Bitch Voice

Elfi will say the words "HUGE" and "That's going to cost her."

Guesses? I don't have any physical prizes to give out, but whomever seems to be closest can put in a request for any blog topic (gymnastics related, of course), and I will thoroughly research and report on it here, to the best of my ability.

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