Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Only mildly gymnastics related...

...especially since we can't even be sure the girl in question even IS a gymnast anymore, but...

Why in the HELL does Shawn Johnson feel the need to put "haha" in almost all of her Tweets - none of which are even remotely funny? Okay, it's not just her - I have friends on Facebook who do this, too. They'll say things like, "Hey, how was your day haha mine was good!!" (don't forget the excessive use of exclamatory punctuation)


Here are some Shawn samples, just since this afternoon:

ShawneyJDeja vu... Back in the studio dancing again!!! but this time with a new partner haha I'll send pics in a bit!!

ShawneyJHahaha were having a blast! I have officially gone from student to teacher and it's HARD!!!!

ShawneyJOH!! And my new partner is..... Corky Ballas!!!! Haha we are killing it today and just goofin off like crazy!

ShawneyJGot dropped off on set today my partner in crime has left me and sooooo feels a little weird no where to get ready no where to go haha

ShawneyJPosture Bar!!! Haha so totally should just sport this all day! What do u think? Is it the new "look"?

Before anyone asks, the answer is Yes - I do have so much time on my hands that crap like this irritates the hell out of me. And yes, I am bitter because this person has made her own decisions about how to spend her time rather than kowtowing to my preferences.

As for you, Miss ShawneyJ - get your little fanny back in the gym and give us a fancy new floor routine. We grow weary of your self-exploration and enjoyment of life outside of Chow's. The committee for deciding what does and does not suck has convened and has unanimously decided that your absence from the sport does, indeed, suck.

I'm only half kidding.


  1. I had to unfollow her, her tweets were really annoying and...well...meaningless. She's not coming the time she realizes she's not going to be an a-list star, it'll be too late. :O(

  2. You're probably right. Someone on another blog - I think it was the Couch Gymnast - described her as a "Shawnbot" when she tweets. It's these little PR-riffic happy face tweets that do nothing to reflect real life in any way, but maintain her image as the unflappably happy girl next door. NO ONE is that happy all the time. But hey - it's her Twitter. If she wants to "haha" all over the place, she can. and if I want to gently poke fun for it...well, I clearly exercised my right. lol