Friday, October 30, 2009

Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular

So I guess they're doing another one of these things. I wonder who they'll get to sing? I know of a few American Idol rejects who would love the opportunity. But then, those names might be a little too big.

Sorry. I'm an ass.

Anyway. I don't care much about the skating, unless someone is being throw in the air The Cutting Edge style. That movie made my adolescent self long for my own washed up hockey player to taunt with my toepick.

But as for gymnastics, I'm in. The website is here, and it is uber-professional. Gymnasts like Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson (we're still calling her a gymnast, right?), Sam Peszek and Courtney "Kupet" will be performing. might not be a bad idea for them to hire a copy editor for their site. Jussayin'. It's being sponsored by Progressive Insurance. Maybe they ought to turn it over to Geico - they don't play around with their marketing.

Anyway, it's going to air January 10th. The live show is today, according to the crappy website. They've been rehearsing for like, a week, so I'm sure it will be truly "spectacular." Is Sam Peszek really healed enough to do this? They better not let her hurt herself, or Mama FiFo will cut someone.


  1. It's supposed to be Ashley Tisdale.

  2. Ah, so former Disney star. Was Raven Simone not available? ; )

    At least this chick can carry a tune for the most part. It could certainly be worse.

  3. They could get Kim from the Real Housewives of Atlanta to sing "Tardy for the Party" haha