Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some stuff

Hi, kids. There are a few things I need to cover, so let's hop right to it.

I'm a massive slacker, for one. True, I'm about to enter my final semester of undergraduate coursework, and I'm a mother, but you know--there's still time to blog. I find time to poke around in Facebook and IG, so I know there's time for FIFO. I'm just lazy as shit.

Also, even when there's so much to talk about (Sac winning an overdue World vault gold!), I tend to take the, "Nah--why bother?" approach, because EVERYONE else is already blogging about it, and it feels redundant. So once again, my laziness creeps in.

I'm a Twitter failure. I know how to post a "Tweet" (that sounds so stupid...), but when it comes to using any other function, I'm at a loss. Today I accidentally Tweeted Sac and I felt like one of those people who are so excited to have "access" to their favorite celebs that they pester them in social networks. As much as I'd love to strike up a nice rapport with a bunch of elite gymnasts, I'm not going to exploit Twitter or Facebook to do it.


And finally, I'm super tired because Little Fifo has a new sibling on the way. You heard it here first (as if you'd hear it anywhere else)--FIFO is with child. I'm only a little over six weeks in, but I'm exhausted and running off to pee pretty much every hour, so...that happened.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that I'm not gone or anything. This is not a defunct blog, and I have no intention of letting it become one. But the fact of the matter is, it's an occasional blog. For regular content, I highly recommend the wonderful, thoughtful posts by The Couch Gymnast, The Gymnastics Examiner, or Gymnastics Coaching. They all post pretty much daily, and the content is really good.

But hey--check back with me over here on occasion. Once this kid pops out, I'm going to need something to exercise my baby-riddled goo-goo, ga-ga brain, and I'll be a new college graduate who will likely not have a job. So maybe my blogging habits will pick back up.

I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday thus far, whether you formally celebrate anything or not, and I wish you all the happiest New Year imaginable. I leave you, then, with a short list of things I've found fascinating in the past few months.

1. Sac being her badass self, but with a new sense of refinement. She's a little older, a little wiser, and somehow, even a little tougher. Her much-touted save on beam during team finals at Worlds was one of the highlights for me, though she might disagree. I just think she's phenomenal, and I really cannot wait to see what she has in her back pocket for us all. She's finally World vault champion, but she's no dummy--though her clean form and impeccable style helped her beat competitors with technically more difficult vaults this time, she knows that will not always be the case. Those bitches WILL try to fix their sloppy "Amanars," and they will come back swinging. The great thing about Sac is that I don't think she'll throw a tougher vault, even one she is technically doing correctly, unless it's clean and ready for Primetime, too. I wouldn't respect her as much is she went for the cheap shots, and frankly, she doesn't have to. She's that damned good.

2. Viktoriya Komova getting hurt walking across the gym. It's not funny! We need her, Wieber, and Grishina in tip-top shape so that we can have epic AA battles! I am dying to see the three of them go at it, and even though I will always be Team USA all the way, I want to see Jordyn work for it. No easy victories--I want the best player on any given day to win because she worked her ass off--not because someone else fell.

3. Speaking of Grishina...could she be the one to usurp Komova in the imaginations of the masses (of gymfans)? I think the potential is there.

4. The apparently dedicated training of Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. Shawn had some training videos go up and even went to the ranch for camp while a bunch of the juniors were there. Nastia is allegedly back to two-a-day sessions, though there is still clearly some traveling going on. Shawn is officially training with 2012 in mind, while Nastia has, once again, promised a Christmas-time announcement on her decision. We'll see, but I have my hopes up, I have to admit.

5. The status of various injured US gymnasts (yes, I know I focus heavily on the US. Bite me). Ivana was show to be walking around in the gym in a recent video of Nastia, though I haven't heard how much she's able to do since tearing her ACL at camp before the American Cup. I have a nasty feeling that we've seen the last of Kamerin Moore, which breaks my cold, dead heart. I've heard no updates on Jordyn since her ankle sent her off the beam three times at Visas. Etc., etc., etc.

Anyone know anything about any of these kids?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS FIFO!!!!! BABY FEVER ROMG. 2026 Worlds ftw. Just something to think about.

  2. I know, right? Especially since Little Fifo is very fickle about gymnastics right now. One week she wants to quit--the next week, she wants to join the pre-team. Le sigh.

    Grammar Baby, as I have affectionately dubbed my fetus, has a lot of pressure on him or her. I still have dreams that no one has lived out for me. lol

  3. Congratulations Jen !!

    And season's greetings.

    So far as I've heard Kamerin Moore is training and expects to be back this season.

  4. Thanks! We're pretty excited. And oh, how I hope Kamerin comes back. She's one of my favorites. I really, really do not want to see her fade into obscurity when she has so much talent.

  5. Congrats! Love the blog and good luck with your last semester!

  6. Hi Jen!

    Congrats for Grammar Baby! (excellent name by the way). It's nice to have you back, even if everybody blogs about the same things your perspective is unique and funny, so we will be waiting for our FIFO dosis :)

    Cheers from Mexico