Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shannon Miller has her baby

Well, folks, it finally happened. The most Tweeted about kid in history (this family loves their records) has made his appearance, and Shannon waited less than four hours to make sure it was announced to the world.

So my favorite gymnast in the history of gymnasts is a bit of an attention whore. It's her thing, and I love her for her minor form of crazy. She probably had Inside Gymnastics on speed dial. Hell, she probably had one of their crack reporters in the room, holding up a leg and asking her about the evils of carbohydrates.

And I'll bet when Shawn Johnson has a baby some day, it'll be an even quicker announcement. I actually see a pre-choreographed dance number, jazz hands, top hat and Mark Ballas included.

Back to Shannon. Little John Rocco ('s Modern Life)* Falconetti was born at 6:46pm on Wednesday, October 28th, weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs., 11oz.


*If you get that reference, you get a gold star.

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