Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twitter updates

Cassie Whitcomb being a super good sport, even though I'm sure she was hurting on the inside. Good on her putting team before self.

CassieWhitcomb Congrats to team USA! Great Job so far! Lets keep it up!!

Chellsie Memmel also throwing a shout out.

CMemmel Great job today girls!!!!! Good luck to the boys tomorrow!!!

Shawn Johnson, ignoring the fact that there is a major international gymnastics competition going on and dropping teasers that no one gives a rat's ass about in a lame attempt to divert attention back to herself. Seriously - The first Tweet went up right in the middle of qualification results coming out all over the place. The last five came all in a row, within minutes of each other. Post a BLOG and link us there, Shawn. Stop filling my Twitter page with your desperate pleas for validation.

ShawneyJ Best day ever & a dream come true!! U guys are going to have to wait a little bit to find out but trust me when I say it'll be worth it ;)

ShawneyJ Had a great time in NYC! Did Al Rokers morning show today 4 the USOC & IOC! So fun make sure 2 watch & look 4 the new Best Of Us Challenge!

ShawneyJ Contest closes on October 30 so you if want a chance to go to the Olympics like me!! Sign up and get going!! Would love to see u there <3>ShawneyJ Heres how it works! ALL KIDS go to and enter for your chance to go to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games!

ShawneyJ Hahah may i just say @EvlGnetcXp has a very amusing @ShellGoIfYou contest going on!! haha been cracking up reading all of these!

ShawneyJ McDonalds is sending me along with 10 lucky kids to the 2010 Vancouver Games! For a chance...<3>


  1. Sam should be a PR person or event planner, she looks like she'd be terrif at it. SJ tweets are getting ridiculously annoying. I know she's only 17 but still its really obvious that she's pissed that the gymnastics world is moving forward without her (uh obviously, does so every 4yrs) she wants to be part of it so much then head back to the gym. She's such a bitter Betty. She didn't win AA, fine, but she came ine 2nd, she had a great Olympics...she needs to grow up.

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