Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey! Look who noticed me!

Click here and look at the line on the bottom of the profile.

That's ME! I am having such a Sally Field moment here.

Yeah, okay, FINE. I totally Googled myself. And WOGA totally added my Valeri profile to his bio. I am such a dorky fangirl.

I really dropped the ball on the old "Know a Coach" segment. I loved doing it, and I had big plans, but I am also very, very lazy, and opted not to stick to those plans. This has inspired me, though. I am going to do a new write-up next week, while I'm on vacation. I've done write-ups on Valeri and about a woman? Mary Lee? Armine? Kelly? Kim Z?

Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments. I want to stick to American coaches first, but if there's someone you'd like a comprehensive bio written on, let me know.


  1. Haha, congrats! Im putting my vote in for Mary Lee Tracy... but I'd also like to see something on the Karoylis sometime- it would be cool :)

  2. Well, I was hoping to get more feedback, but I will go ahead and begin working on MLT. I'll do KZ after that. Bear with me--I have an INCREDIBLY busy two weeks ahead of me.